7 Thunders of Revelation

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

I’m going to post an e-mail that I wrote from before because I feel that this captures the essence of the seemingly-increasingness in the 7 Thunders revealed in “2008 – God’s Fina Witness” which the prophet John heard but was commanded not to write them on down.  I want to first stated for the record that I only want you to be commenting on the Thunders discussed on down below this, as you should rather post other responses somewhere else, but this particular posting is just only for the Thunders.

Firstly, I don’t think that Mr. Weinland stated the Thunders as being ever-increasing and never decreasing, because that wouldn’t even mirror a woman with birthing-pangs because of the simple fact that when a woman has her first contractions, they are small and don’t last for very long, and then there could be quite a long space of time until the next contraction, and the timing between the contractions becomes less and less over-time.  Now, while this lessening of the timing between her contractions would be noticeable because it only takes a matter of hours or a few days, a time-span of 9 years is difficult for the average person to look at some of the events regarding Thunders and seeing them as being increasing in magnitude, intensity, and/or frequency when there seems to be huge gaps of time in between more major events, but those gaps of time in between those major events are just merely the same kind of gaps in times between the contractions of a woman trevailing through the birth-pangs of child-birth.  But plus, if it were to be never-decreasing (which is just what a lull is, mind you), then we should be having like 31.7 Magnitude Earth-Quakes right about now, and Category 9 Hurricanes, and something like 100 feet of snow.  The Thunders are to be individually more greater pronounced at various times, with each one of the Thunders being individually stronger at any given time.

Also, Weinland’s critics are now saying that Mr. Weinland has totally bebunked his own Thunders, that they were just put in there to trip people up.  I am even better seeing how those kinds of persons aren’t genuinely wanting to know what somebody is saying and I absolutely believe Mr. Weinland when he says that people are twisting and distorting and this right here is  a very prime example of this.  They are saying that Mr. Weinland is disclaiming the very Thunders that he said would validate him, but this is such a distortions.  What Mr. Weinland stated that “there are many things I’ve stated in the past that have to do with the Thunders that aren’t mine.”  Firstly, they are attaching the “that aren’t mine” part to the Thunders themselves, and this isn’t what he was saying.  He was not saying that the Thunders were not his.  He was saying that the many thingsthat have to do with the Thunders”.  He’s referring to the things that he said that have to do with the Thunders, not what the actual Thunders are himself.  The many things that aren’t his that he was referring to are those things that he has said that God had him say to trip the mockers up and to allow them to find fault with them.  He wasn’t talking about the Thunders themselves tripping people up, but the various things said in relation to the Thunders, like when talking about the Thunders and what is happening in the World and so on and so forth.  But he never stated that the Thunders that he stated were not his, but rather he was stating that the things  he has stated n the past that have to do with those Thunders are not his, meaning that some of the things he speaks of regarding the Thunders (not what the Thunders are themselves though) are partly what God wants him to say, but he was never denouncing the Thunders as being false and something that is not going to come to pass, this was never said.  Furthermore, when Mr. Weinland stated, “”So there are some things written in there that are a matter of oneness with God, the mind of God that God has granted that God has blessed.”  Mr. Weinland was not referring to his own book, he was referring to the Bible because write before this he was talking about how there is so uch written about things that Jesus Christ said.  This is the kind of instance where I say that his mockers like to twist and distort what he says, because he wasn’t even talking about things being written in his book as a matter of oneness with God which people would end-up finding fault with.  Even if believed Mr. Weinland was a false prophet, this is still twisting and distorting what he says if you are changing what he has said.  I believe this is why Mr. Weinland says that his mockers will die from the inside on out, because it will be intense psychological turmoil when they witness everything coming to pass and will be tormented for 5 months and they will seek death and won’t even yet be able to find this.  They will not be able to easily just swallow their pride and admit that they were wrong once everything is happening, and they will be dealing with a great amount of turmoil seeing as how they will have a very incredibly difficult time coming to grips with Mr. Weinland actually being true and so thus also making Mr. Armstrong true, they won’t be able to handle this kind of thing becoming a reality, and this is why they will spiritually die from the inside on out, and I would also if I had this kind of attitude that I cannot possibly be wrong about Mr. Weinland and Mr. Armstrong.

The 1st Thunder being the terror of war seems to be increasing because back in 2009 there was a string of months which were seeing 100+ deaths in virtually every terror attack in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, and not to mention major terror attacks on  Russian transit systems, as well as one in Thailand, and some other terror attacks in other various areas of the World. Update:  Since I’ve begun writing this, a very deadly terror attack occured upon a Russian train, killed scores of persons, and then another Russian train bombing occured within just days after this one had just passed us on by.  But anyhow, even if nothing quite on the scale of 9/11 occurs before the 2nd Trumpet blast is sounded, by the time nuclear terrorism begins and then becomes more and more frequent and intense, this will be a marked increase in this 1st Thunder, even though this 1st Thunder has been rumbling more and more, although not incredibly more, because  if you compare a 9-year period of Thunderings to a 1 or 2 day period of a woman undergoing birth-pangs and child-birth, a great deal of the trevail of the woman occurs during the latter part of this 1 – 2 day period.  Mr. Weinland never stated that every event regarding each of the 7 Thunders would be greater than the very last event.  Mr. Weinland never said that the very next earth-quake after the 9.1 Magnitude 2004 Indonesian Earth-Quake would be stronger and more deadly than this one.  Not every event can be bigger than the last because by now we
should be having like 17.7 Magnitude Earth-Quakes by this time now if this were to be the case, but we have to pull back out of this very lil’ tiny box that we want to place those 7 Thunders in and look at this in the bigger image of this 9 year period, as well as remebering that even though the Thunders are increasing during this 9 year period, Mr. Weinland never said that this increasing is like a straight diagonal line such as like on a graph whereby the time is directly proportional to the intensity of the events, because this kind of scale isn’t the case even for a women undergoing child-birth.  We could have the beginning of the1st Thunder on 9/11 and could then have much more of the frequency factor than the intensity factor, because maybe it would become of greater intensity after we have seen the increase in frequency and not necessarily intensity and frequency at the precisely same exact timing because then we should be
witnessing events which are ALWAYS bigger than the last, and this could not be the case and Mr. Weinland never stated that the Thunders would be never decreasing, because that would be going against the very lulls which a woman experiences in her birth-pangs.  Also, please note the part of “2008 – God’s Final Witness” which speaks of only one of the Thunders being greatly prounounced at any given moment in time.  This means that the other Thunders would have lulls or become less loudly than it once was until it’s next loud rumbling.

Regading the 7 Thunders themselves, do you think that they have been rumbling very loudly ?  Well, let us consider them right here right now below.  Also, regardless of many of you believing Mr. Weinland to be a false prophet, try to think of this as objectively as you can, not taking into account his other predictions and just focusing on what I’m saying below, not to prove his validity, but just to find these things intriguing especially since most anti-Weinlanders don’t believe that the Thunders have been rumbling like Mr. Weinland has said that they would.  I just want you to examine what I’m gonna be saying regarding each one of the Thunders, and tell me what you think about what I say about them, whether you agree or disagree with what I’m saying about them, and try not letting your feelings for Mr. Weinland stand in your way of taking a sincere and genuine look at those Thunders and whether or not they really truly are rumbling in a more unique way than before the 6th Seal was opened on 9/11/2001.

1st Thunder of the terror of war I have already described with very many terror attacks occurring in this World, and not even in the Iraq War have there too many terror attacks where 100 – 300 would die in one single insurgency attack, but this was occurring with this intensity in 2009, and now we are in another lull, just as a woman’s birth-pangs occurr with lulls.  I nearly almost forgot about the October 2002 Washington, D.C. sniper crisis, because that was a major terror attack, not because so very many people were killed, but because it lasted for a span of 2 Weeks and was very very psychological to not be able to travell outside of our domiciles without this intense feeling of the fears of being shot at by this still-at-large-during-that-time sniper, and I was actually living in Alexandria, Virginia very near to Washington, D.C. while all of this was occurring back then, and this was only 1 year after 9/11, kinda intriguing huh ?  Also, after the November 5th, 2009 Fort Hood Massacre (also very rare because this was a fellow soldier on a military-base opening fire upon nearly 45 fellow soldiers), we were seeing a string of hostage situations or mass shootings, one in Miami, one in Valdosta, Georgia, and quite a few others in other areas that I just cannot think of right now.  There is a University shooting like once per week now it seems like, and the massacre which just very recently occured in Colorado is very nearby to where the Colubine Massacre back in the year.  Once the nuclear terrorism commences, this will be a very marked increase in this 1st Thunder, and then the rumblings of this 1st Thunder will become much more louder much more quickly, not taking multiple years to increase, but now only months and weeks and days, much just like a woman will have birth-pangs at the very beginning of her being in labour of her child-birth, and might not have any more
contractions until half-way through her child-birth.  Also, the failed bombing of the underware-bomber on Christmas, December 25th, 2009 could be considered to be terrorism even though it had failed because he was clearly intending to execute this attack and he was able to get everything on past the security at the airport, so.

2nd Thunder of earth-quakes and those things relating to earth-quakes such as like tsunamis and volcanoes.  I don’t know about every major earth-quake since 2001, but I see that there were only a few EQs over 7.4, and all under 7.9 with the highest being a 7.9 in Alaska.

2003 saw an 8.3 in Japan, along with a 7.8 & 7.1 & 6.6 in Alaska, with more 7+ and upper 7 Magnitude EQs around the World in 2003.

The year 2004 began with a 5.0 in Wyoming, which doesn’t occurr too very often there, an even more rare 4.2 in Illinois, a 3.5 in Alabama which rarely sees EQs of even 2- Magnitude, even more 7+ EQs, an 8.1 between Australia & Antarctica, an the infamous 9.1 Indonesian EQ resulting in atsunami which killed over 230,000 people.

2005 saw more upper 7 EQs (7.6 in Pakistan), also with a 7.2 EQ near California, two 5.3 EQs in Hawaii (1 smaller 4.7 EQ in Hawaii in 2003), and am 8.7 near Indonesia, and so greater rumbling occurred within the United States Of America in 2005, and some parts experiencing EQs of greater intensity even though a few parts that were strong before have been more quiet in 2005.

In 2006 was another 4 Magnitude EQ in Illinois, a 3.8 in Maine, with about the same 7+  and upper 7 Magnitude EQ in the World, and an 8.3 near the Kuril Islands, but with a 6.7 in Hawaii, stronger than the ones that came in 2003 and in 2005, progressively stronger.

2007 began with an 8.1 near the Kuril Islands, then an 8.1 near the Soloman Islands, an 8.0 near Peru, an 8.5 near Indonesia, and many more 7+ and upper 7 Magnitude EQs than during each of the previous individual years since the year 2001, and more 6.4 – 7.2 EQs in Alaska in 2008 than in the prior fewyears before this.

2008 saw a 5.4 in Illinois, the very strongest recorded EQ in this region.  More of the 7+ EQs in 2008 were upper 7 Magnitude, with an 8.0 in killing some 90,000 persons.  Not as many 8+ EQ doesn’t mean that Mr. Weinland was wrong about greater intensity, because the symbology of he birthing pains are to have lulls between the rumblings, much just like an approaching thunder-storm has lulls.

In 2009, there were many more 5+ (5-8) EQs, and many were in the 7+ range with many of those being in the upper 7 Magnitude range.  Just only 1 week from between 9/29/2009 – 10/7/2009 saw 5 different 7.4+ EQs, which even the mainstream media said was very unusual, as there was 8.1 in the American Samoa Island region & 7.5 in Indonesia both in a 24-hour period from 9/29/2009 – 9/30/2009, and then a 7.7 & 7.4 in Vanuatu & 7.8 in Santa Cruz Islands all on the same day of 10/7/2009, making for a very rare string of 5 powerfull EQs in just only a 1 week period of time-span.  It also seems like the Queen Charlotte Islands region of Canada has been getting hit harder and harder from between 2001 – 2009, and Canada is one of the scatered nations of Israel.  This region felt a 6.6 EQ on 11/17/2009.  Some of the latter periods of the 2001 – 2009 time-span range saw many more 6 – 6.9 Magnitude EQs, as even a marked increase in moderate EQs especially in areas that normally don’t witness them is valid of increased rumbling of this 2nd Thunder, and we should think globally but as well as regionally, because the United States and other areas like Greece and other nations in Europe experience stronger and stronger EQ rumblings more and more from between 2001 – 2010.

We are only 2 months on deep into the year 2010, and already we have seen 5 different 7+ EQs around the World, with the 7.0 in Haiti killing over 230,000+ people, making for  nearly 500,000 deaths in just 2 events within 5 years which is a rare occurrence to have.  Obviously I have to mention the 7.0 EQ we just had in Japan, and the monstrous 8.8 EQ in Chile on the same day as the Japan EQ, in fact just like 7 hours apart from each other.  We also saw a strong surging of after-shocks from a 6.0 EQ near a Mexican volcano, more than the one from in 2003.  Also had a strong 6.5 EQ near California with so many after-shocks of the magnitudes of after-shocks that one might expect from a 7.5 – 8.0 EQ in both magnitude and frequency.  Before the 8.8 in Chile & 7.0 in Japan, there was a 7.0 EQ on the borders of Russia, China, & North Korea just 1 week prior to the EQs in Japan and then in Chile.  The Earth-Quake monitoring agencies were saying how 2009 saw more EQs in Oklahoma than all other years combined into one (with very many 4.0 – 5.5 EQs), and thus so far in 2010 for Oklahoma we have seen 22 EQs in January (3.3, 4.0, 3.8, 3.7 within 1 week with the first 3 of those occuring within 24 hours) and 12 EQs in February.  The magnitude of earth-quakes is only part of the intensity of this 2nd Thunder, because how deadly an Earth-Quake is very telling in the intensity of an Earth-Quake, because 230,000 people were killed in the Haiti 7.0 EQ while it might only be a few thousand whom died in the Chilean 8.8 EQ.  Update:  Now we are only 3 months into this year of 2010, and following the EQs in Japan and in Chile, just 1 week later we get the 6.1 EQ in Turkey, another 6.5 EQ in Japan, a 4.4 right in Los Angeles which is fairly strong for this area.  Then, there was a 7.2 EQ the the borders of California and Mexico on 4/4/2010, and then a 7.7 EQ in Indonesia 2 days later, and a 7.0 near the Solomon Islands 4 days later, and a 6.3 EQ near in Spain on this same say as the EQ near the Solomon Islands.  I mean, all of this EQ activity in just only 3.5 months, I mean this activity is most definitely increasing.  Both the frequency of all earth-quakes is increasing, and even the frequency of strong EQs are increasing, and Mr. Weinland didn’t say that every EQ would be stronger than the very last EQ, because otherwise by now we should be seeing like 19 Magnitude EQs is something totally ridiculous such as like this would be.  The strong EQs are occuring more and more frequently, with 2 of the 7 most powerfull EQs in recorded history occuring within the past 2 years, with 3 of the 13 most powerfull EQs in recorded history ocurring within the past 5 years, and with 4 of the 16 most powerfull EQs in recorded history occuring within the past 5 years.  So, 4 of the most powerfull EQs occuring just since 2005.  Some people say that they see no maifestation of this 2nd Thunder at all whatsoever, but it’s like all right there just as plain as the day can be.

Also related to this 2nd Thunder are volcanoes, of which there have been severeal volcanic eruptions just in 2009 alone, 1 or even 2 of them being in Russia, another one being in Mexico, and one in the Phillipines that was erupting something and was expecting to be imminently erupting into a full-blown eruption.  All of those were in the Summer to the Fall of 2009.  Volcanic eruptions such as like those are not supposed to be occurring this frequently, because the last time that they were probably quite this active before this was when human-beings were not even living upon this Earth quite yet.  Update:  There has been an on-going volcanic eruption near Iceland underneath the icey glaciers on over there.  There were fears of massive floodings due to the melting of the ice nearby to this volcano.

3rd Thunder of abnormal weather is one of the very most powerfull of the 7 Thunders for me.  One of the biggest things that are used to deny that this Thunder has been rumbling is to say that 2005 was a very horrible Hurricane Season but then it has been relatively quiet since then, but they are forgetting something.  They are forgetting that abnormal weather comes from more than just Hurricanes and tropical cyclone systems.  Abnormal weather also comes in the form of tornadoes, scorching heat and blistering numbing coldness, land-slides, mud-slides, wild-fires, snow-fall, etc.  Very clearly the 2004 Hurricane Season was very much active, with 4 Hurricanes striking the U.S. State of Florida, and many many other Hurricanes causing so very much damage and loss of life, such as like Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Gaston.  There was also a very rare event when Hurricane Ivan travelled from near African on over and on up into the Gulf Of Mexico and the struck the United States in a common fashion near Alabama, but then it migrated on up to the North and then to the North-East through the United States and then exitting the nation near the Delmarva Peninsula (Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia) on into the Atlantic Ocean, and then travelled South-East, then South, then South-West down the Atlantic Seaboard of the United States, struck southern Florida on the way on down, travelled into the Gulf Of Mexico once yet again and then struck land-fall near Louisiana and Texas.  I don’t ever remember a Hurricane travelling through the middle of the United States, exitting the nation in the North-Eastern U.S., looping all of the way back around and on down into the Gulf Of Mexico to strike the United States one yet again, I mean that’z so very uncanny for me.  Hurricane Ivan was also the Hurricane to have had spawned the very most tornadoes ever in history, standing at 127 tornadoes.

Then, we had the horrible 9.1 Earth-Quake in Indonesia on December 26th, 2004 which generated a massive tsunami wave, both coupled together killing roughly 230,000 persons.  This event was really more for trhe 2nd Thunder, but the tsunami and other effects could be considered to be abnormal weather.  Then, the 2005 Hurricane Season was without a doubt the very very worst Hurricane Season in recorded history, and possibly even for thousands upon thousands of years, on top of the very active, damaging, and deadly 2004 Hurricane Season.  There were 31 total Tropical Depressions (all-time record), 28 of those being named Tropical Storms (all-time record), 15 of them being Hurricanes (all-time record), and 7 of them being Major Hurricanes of Category 3+ Hurricanes, tying the 1999 record of the most Category 4+ Hurricanes, and making a record of 4 Category 5 Hurricanes in a single season, with the total seasons fatalities nearing 4,000, and the total season damage of approximately $140 billion dollars (all-time).  Hurricane Dennis was the very strongest ever recorded in July, but then the very next Hurricane Emily became the new most strongest ever recorded in July, and Hurricane Emily became the very earliest Category 5 Hurricane ever recorded during a Hurricane Season (beating Hurricane Alan by 3 weeks), and Dennis and Emily were the very strongest Hurricanes ever recorded before the month of August.  2005 broke the record of 5 storms forming before August (7 storms formed), and 5 of those 7 storms formed during July which also broke the old record.  Hurricane KaTrina made only 3rd time in recorded history (and the first time since the 1961 season) that there had been 2 Category 5 Hurricanes in a single season.  When Hurricane Rita reached Category 5 intensity on September 21st, 2005 (25 days after Hurricane KaTrina), the 2005 Hurricane Season became the very first to have had 3 Category 5 Hurricanes.  When Hurricane Wilma became a Category 5 Hurricane on October 19th, 2005, the 2005 Hurricane Season doubled the record set by the 1960 and 1961 seasons, becoming the first to have had 4 Category 5 Hurricanes.  Also, the 2005 Hurricane Season tied the record of witnessing 5 Category 4 Hurricanes (before was back in 1999.  Hurricane KaTrina was the 4th strongest (902 mbar) tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin during it’s existence, but then Hurricane Rita became the 3rd strongest (895 mbar) tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin, but then Hurricane Wilma became (and still is) the 1st very strongest (882 mbar) tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin.  Hurricane Vince became the most easterly-forming storm ever recorded, also becomng the very first tropical storm to ever strike the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal), and the first to strike Spain since 1842.  The World Meterological Organization had retired 4 Hurricane names in the years of 1955, 1995, and 2004.  They had retired 5 Hurricane names in the year of 2005.  The 2005 Hurricane Season was the very first to have to use Greek Hurricane names once the English alphabet of Hurricane names were exhausted (205 was also the first to have even used “V” or “W” names.  Hurricane Epsilon was the longest-lasting December Hurricane on record (5 days), and was also the 3rd strongest December Hurricane.  Tropical Storm Zeta became only the 2nd tropical storm to have existed in 2 calendar years (also Hurricane Alice in 1954-1955), and Zeta was only the 3rd storm to have existed during the month of January (Hurricane Alice in 1955 and a Sub-Tropical Storm in 1978), and Zeta was the very longest-living tropical system to form during the month of December, and Zeta was also the longest-living tropical system in January.  3 of the top 6 strongest Atlantic Hurricanes ever recorded had all formed during the year of 2005. Not only this, but 5 of the top 10 strongest Atlantic Hurricanes ever recorded had formed in 2004, 2005, & 2007 (within just 3 years of each other).  After this catastropic 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season, forecasters were predicting only slightly less activity in 2006 than in 2005, but it went from 28 to 10 named storms, from 15 to 5 Hurricanes, and from 8 to 2 Major-Hurricanes.  There were no tropical cyclone systems after October 2nd during this 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season.  It almost seems like God Himself was showing this part of the power of this 3rd Thunder in a powerfull way during 2005 but then put this to a screeching halt for the 2006 season.

The 2006 Hurricane Season was much much less active than the previous 2005 Hurricane Season.  Even if this Thunder were all about the Hurricanes, this would be seen as a lull before the next loud rumbling, but this Thunder is all regarding abnormal weather conditions, but most of Mr. Weiland’s critics just very simply claim that things have been relatively calm since the 2005 Hurricane Season and nothign has even come close to rivalling this.  This is true, but this 3rd Thunder is not all about Hurricanes, just as “2008 – God’s Final Witness” even discusses.

For the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season, this was the only season to have 2 Hurricanes striking land as Category 5 Hurricanes.  When Hurricane Felix was upgraded to a Category 5 Hurricane, it became the 8th Category 5 Hurricane since the year 2000, bringing the most Category 5 Hurricanes within a single decade.  So this even shows the increasingness in the frequency of very powerfully strong hurricanes.

The 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season was the 3rd most costly season on record, behind the 2004 & 2005 seasons, so thus, we have witnessed the 3 most costliest seasons on record in just only 5 Hurricane Seasons.  The 2008 season was the 4th busyest since 1944 season.  The 2008 season was the only season in history during which there was a Major Hurricane of Category 3+ during every month of the official Hurricane Season months of July, August, September, October, & November.  Bertha was the very longest-living July storm on record.  Hurricane Ike had intensifyed from a Tropical Storm on to a Category 4 Hurricane in just only 12 hours, and also was the very largest-sized Hurricane ever recorded at 840 miles in diameter (240 miles Hurricane force windz & 600 miles Tropical Storm force windz).  Hurricane Ike also had the highest Integrated Kinetic Energy (IKE) of any Atlantic storm ever recorded.  IKE is a measure of storm surge destructive potential, similar to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, though it is more complex and in many ways more accurate. On a scale that ranges from 1 to 6, with 6 being highest destructive potential, Ike earned a 5.6, and it’z intriguing to note that the storm which received the highest ever IKE score was Hurricane Ike, LOL…  The 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season saw nearly 40 land-falls, which is very very high, considering that the incredbly epic 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season didn’t even see this many land-falls.

The 2009 Hurricane Season was one of the least active Hurrican Seasons within the past few decades, which to me kinda seems like the calm before the storm, but regardless of this part of it, people seem to be looking for this 3rd Thunder to be all about Hurricanes, but Mr. Weinland never stated that Hurricanes were all of what this 3rd Thunder was about.  The year 2007 saw record droughts across many areas of the United States as well as in the World, with nearly almost whole entire U.S. States being in the highest “Exceptional” category of drought.  During 2007, other areas of the United States were seeing record flooding, such as like in Texas, whereas the next year, Texas was having record flooding, I mean talk about the rumblings of abnormal weather, it’z just getting weirder and weirder if you asik me.

The year 2008 had very powerfull rumblings of this 3rd Thunder with tornadoes.  Normally, the United States has approximately 1,400 tornadoes within a whole entire calendar year, but in 2008, we had already had 1,500 tornadoes by the month of April, and we finished with some 2,200 tornadoes or something like this, and there was very much destruction from those tornadoes.  Some of 2008 and then much more in 2009 saw so very many typhoons and mud-slides striking many nations around this World, hundreds upon hundreds of people dying in each event.  China was hit by typhoons and resulted in many mud-slides, and then they were hit once yet again by a typhoon shortly thereafter this.  There was just so very many events involving typhoons and land-slides, and mud-slides, and rock-slides, and wild-fires, and many other kinds of weather-related events.  Hundreds upon hundreds of persons dying in multiple mud-slides in China, in Africa, and now I’m hearing about more of them occuring in some nations in South America.

2009 was a very unique year for me as it was very near to Pentecost 2009 when I was thrust very quickly into this spiritual stuff, and I believe this to be a calling from God.  But anyhow, I live in Atlanta, Georgia, so I was in like the epicenter of the mighty flooding which occurred around September 21st, 2009.  Most of the meteorologists were saying how this flood was a 300-year flood, or even a 500-year flood, whereby Georgia hasn’t seen flooding like this in 300 – 500 years or so.  Some areas got upwards of 15 -17 inches of rain in just one night, which was coupled with the daily moderate rain-fall we were experiencing throughout the week before this great flooding occurred.  My area of Lilburn, Georgia received 7 inches of rain, but nothing here was flooded-out, even though other areas which got 7 inches of rain-fall were flooded-out, and even just only a mile or 2 away from here there was a bridge taken out by the flooding, I mean it’s like God has blessed my mother and I to live in this particular house, probably because we live at a relatively higher elevation than the rest of Atlanta ad other areas of Georgia.  I mean, whole entire schools were totally covered by water, I mean to see this on down her in Georgia was a very incredible experience, I mean it was just as bad if not worse here in the Georgia flooding than in New Orleans for Hurricane KaTrina, I mean it was just so very incredible for me.  I wonder if this occurred here in Atlanta because this is where Mr. Tkach spoke his sermon to God’s Church, whereby he committed the “Abomination Of Desolation” of God’s Church.  What was even more intriguing for me was that this occured right around the Feast Of Trumpets, September 19th, 2009 and it was Georgia where Mr. Weinland was scheduled to be for the 7th-Day Sabbath, but he had to cancel because of the schedulling issues, so is this coincidental, or what ?  I believe that this is how God protects us when he doesn’t want harm done to certain people, by leading, guiding, and directing their life so that they are not harmed and killed.  Also, I just checked and this Feast Of Trumpets 2009 flooding in Georgia was 770 Weeks following Mr.Tkach’s sermon on 12/17/1994, kinda interesting huh ?  The Feast Of Trumpets 2009 also began the Jewish New Year of 5770.  One other intriguing thing was that 2009 saw very rare tropical systems forming in very odd places, such as like near Ireland.  One tropical system was the very furthest North ever recorded, and another tropical system was the very furthest South ever recorded.  What was intriguing for me was that Hurricane Grace was a storm that was taking aim directly for Ireland during the time when they were voting on their 2nd referrendum to ratify the Lisbon Treaty (the European Constitution), but this Hurricane Grace only existed for like 12 – 16 hourz and then was absorbed by a front passing on by.  It’z also intriguing that the name of this Hurricane was Grace though, lol.  The very inactive Hurricane Seasone for 2009 could also be seen as abnormal weather because this was one of the most inactive Hurricane Seasons on record, which is more on the abnormal side of things.  This 2009 Georgia flooding was really striking seeing as how the previous years had the worst droughtings ever seen in those very same parts, with upwards of 50 – 90% of whole U.S. States being in the very most sever “Exceptional” category for drought.  Ever since this great flooding in Georgia, we have had so many storms, mostly all of them rendering at least 1 inch of rain, many times 2+ inches, and quite a few rendering 4+ inches of rain.  There was a Tropical Storm in November which produced less rain-fall when it crossed into Georgia than the remnant-low (less than a Tropical Depression and no longer even a Tropical Cyclonic system) from a Pacific Hurricane which caused this 500-year flooding.  We ended-up being just only 1 inch shy of breaking the all-time record annual rain-fall for Atlanta, Georgia.  The previous # 2 record was in the 1920s which we did indeed break, but then the previous #1 record was in the 1940s which we were just a very teeny tiny smidgen below breaking this very record.  Also, there was rain like 5 – 7 days before the final day of the year, and then we had a rain-storm on December 31st, 2009 which could have brought our rain-totals to over the # 1 all-time wettest in recorded history.

Then, the transitioning from 2009 – 2010 has been very powerfull with this 3rd Thunder.  The United States has seen so very much wintry weather, I mean the all-time record snow-fall amounts.  Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore and most areas in-between them have had 75+ inches of snow-fall.  There was already 80% snow-cover across the United States in like October 2009.  It wasn’t like 15+ snow-storms that caused this 75 inches of snow, but it was 4 – 5 very powerfull storms that just kept on hammering one right after the other.  More snow-storms have occured since I wrote this previous sentence.  Arizona accumulated 3 – 4 feet of snow, but in ARIZONA of all places, LOL.  Texas was also buried under snow, and Georgia has thus so far received 3 snow-storms each totalling 3 – 6 inches of snow, but it’z incredibly rare for Georgia to be getting even a slight dusting of snow, let alone 3 storms totalling like 9 inches for the Metro-Atlanta area, and even more accumlations in northern Georgia.  Some areas of northern Georgia received 9 inches of snow-fall in just only one snow-storm event, let alone the totals for the rest of this Winter Season.  Even before all of this snow-fall had begun, very much of this World was blasted with the worse cold spout in like 70 – 90 years for at least a month-and-a-half.  Atlanta, Georgia was plunged into the teens for the temperatures for like 30 different nights, and it had remained under the freezing point for like many many weeks, a very rare event for Georgia.  Much of the United States was plunged into this same kind of cold-spout, while parts of Canada were actually warmer than it was down here in Georgia, I mean if this isn’t rumbling of this 3rd Thunder, than I don’t know what is.  Europe and Asia were also plunged into record cold-snaps, the worst in like 70 – 90 years.  Australia was having horrible heat though, and they set a record for a night-time temperature of over 100 degrees during this timing.  This 3rd Thunder is one of the very most powerfull Thunders that I have witnessed thus so far, especially with this 2009 – 2010 Winter Season, I mean it has been just so very incredible thus so far.  This Winter shut-down our U.S. Federal Government for like a whole entire week.  Baltimore normally receives an average seasonal snow-fall of 20 inches, it’s all-time record being 40 inches, and the 2009 – 2010 Winter Season rendering 79.7 inches, which staggeringly is actually DOUBLE the seasonal amount of snow-fall of the all-time record, and this was the case for so many areas of the North-Eastern United States Of America.  Australia recently had horrible storms which produced what looked like 1 or 2 feet of piled-up hail scattered all over their grounds.  Furthermore, there have been so many rare dust-storms over this past year, some in Australia turning the whole sky a dusty red, at least oe in China, one in Arizona, one in Colorado, and there have been some others also, but many rare dust-storms that those nations just rarely ever get to witness.

Now, obviously we know what happened with tthe 4th Thunder of global economic upheavel, which rumbled in a tremendously loud manner back in 2008, culminated in the sharp Crash in September & October of 2008, the Stock Market dropping on down to it’s lowest point since the recession began in October 2007.  Now, people see the massive gains in the stock-market as proof of sustained economic recovery, but jobs are still not coming back in droves, and we can briefly recover and then tip over the edge once yet again.  Plus, “2008 – God’s Final Witness” says that each of the thunders continue to rumble, but only one of the Thunders is more greatly pronounced and manifested at any one time.  Which means that this 4th Thunder rumbled very loudly in 2008 and 2009, and then had a lull just as like a woman in labor-pains have lulls.  But plus, the nation of Iceland collapsed back in August 2008, and other nations of Eastern Europe had collapsed also, even though they weren’t given too very much in the news.  If this year of 2010 witnesses another huge downturn for the economy, then you can see this 4th Thunder rumbled louder and louder and more frequently and having 2 major down-turns in just only 2 years would be very close together, compared to most other recessions which have come and gone like once per decade, and the relatively worse ones coming over more decades.  Staggeringly, 1/3 of the wealth of this World was lost in this massive global economic recession, which rings loudly for the 1/3 of the trees being burnt on up as Mr. Weinland said that the trees also have to do with money because money is said to come from trees.

The 5th Thunder of death was another thing that I have noticed in a very big way.  Firstly, I would like to point-out that this Thunder has 3 phases to it, and not all 3 phases of this 5th Thunder must run congruently together at the same time.  Perhaps 1 Phase will occur, and then another Phase phase, and perhaps they will then eventually mix, but the fact that Phase of this 5th Thunder regarding the death of the leadership in the ministry of the scattered Church hasn’t really become manifested past what had occured back during the time while “2008 – God’s Final Witness” was being written, is no grounds for this being false, because it doesn’t comprise the whole entire Thunder, but rather just a phase of this Thunder, and so thus, it doesn’t have to occur at the same time as the other phases of this 5th thunder.  But anyhow, firstly, we should notice the late 2003 – early 2007 deaths of Christopoher Reeve, John Ritter, Pope John Paul II, Johnny Carson, Peter Jennings, Mister Rogers, Steve Irwin (The Crocadile Hunter), Tony Snow (White House Press Secretary under George W. Bush), Stephanie Tubbs Jones (seen nearly daily in television coverage of the 2008 Election Campaignin supporting Hillary Clinton for the Presidency of the United States Of America), and probably a few others than I cannot remember right now just off of the top of my head.  So those deaths were from more moderate rumblings of this phase of this 5th Thunder of Death.  But then, we come to the deaths of Tim Russert in June 2008 and Bernie Mac in August 2008, just only 2 months apart for very famous persons.  Then comes the deaths in 2009, in the very loudest rumbling for this 5th Thunder yet.  I have bolded the very most notable persons in this list:

6/22/2010 = Alec Gallup, Chairman of the Gallup Poll since the death of the creator of the Gallup Poll, his father, George Gallup, in 1984.
6/22/2010 = Bert Bank, 94, American radio pioneer and politician, Bataan Death March survivor
6/23/2010 = Ed McMahon, Side-kick for Johnny Carson.
6/25/2010 = Michael Jackson, the king of Pop.
6/25/2010 = Farrah Fawcett
6/27/2010 = Gale Storm
6/27/2010 = Mary Lou “Ludie” Forbes, Spent 6 decades with the Washington Evening Star and the Washington Times, and she also won a Pulitzer Prize.
6/28/2010 = Fred Travalena, American entertainer, comedian, and impersonator.
6/28/2010 = Jeff Swanagan, Founder, creator, and designer of the Georgia Aquarium, the very largest in this whole entire World, built and opened just a few year prior, died at only 51 years of age.

7/1/2010 = Karl Malden, American actor.
7/3/2010 = John Keel, 79, American ufologist (most widely followed since the 1970s) and writer (The Mothman Prophecies), heart failure.
7/4/2010= Robert Louis-Dreyfus, 63, Cousin of famous actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  French-born Swiss billionaire, leukemia.
7/4/2010 = Brenda Joyce, 92, American actress (Jane in “Tarzan”).
7/4/2010 = Allen Klein, 77, American businessman, Beatles & Rolling Stones manager, Alzheimer’s disease. [235]
7/4/2010 = Drake Levin, 62, American guitarist (Paul Revere & the Raiders), cancer.
7/6/2010 = Robert McNamara, 93, American business executive, Secretary Of Defense under John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson (1961–1968).
7/6/2010 = Oscar G. Mayer, Jr., 95, American business executive (Chairman of the Oscar Mayer company since the death of his father in 1965).
7/8/2010 = Waldo McBurney, 106, American beekeeper, oldest worker in the United States Of America.
7/8/2010 = Judi Ann Mason, 54, American screenwriter, television producer for “Good Times” and playwright for “Sanford and Son”, “A Different World”, “Beverly Hills, 90210”, “I’ll Fly Away”, “American Gothic”, “Generations”, and “Guiding Light” (this soap-opera show ended one month following her death), aortic dissection.
7/11/2010 = Mark Mandala, 72, American television executive, president of ABC (1986–1994), heart attack.
7/11/2010 = Jane Weinberger, 91, American author, widow of Caspar Weinberger (Secretary Of Defense under President Ronald Regan), stroke.
7/13/2010 = Amin al-Hafez, 83, Prime Minister of Lebanon in 1973.
7/14/2010 = Dallas McKennon, 89, American voice actor for “Gumby”, “Buzz Buzzard”, and “Archie Andrews”, and played voices in such shows and films such as like “The Hardy Boys”, “Buzz Buzzard” in the “Woody Woodpecker” series, “Lady and the Tramp”, “Sleeping Beauty “, “101 Dalmatians”, “Mary Poppins”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”, “Bedknobs & Broomsticks”, and “Daniel Boone”.
7/17/2010 = Walter Kronkite, Television legend, and just so happened to die at the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon mission, for which he had infamously provided news coverage for and cried while live on-the-air during the images of the Moon landing.
7/18/2010 = Steven Rothenberg, 50, American studio executive (Lions Gate Entertainment, Artisan Entertainment), stomach cancer.  I would always remember seeing this name during the opening credits for so many movies I have watched in time.
7/21/2010 = Gidget, 15, American chihuahua, Taco Bell mascot, stroke.  I just added this one on in here for fun because this puppy-doggy was so very cute and was their mascot for so many years.
7/21/2010 = Les Lye, 84, Canadian actor and broadcaster.  Starred on the wildly popular television show “You Can’t Do That On Television”.
7/23/2010 = E. Lynn Harris, 54, American author.
7/23/2010 = Danny McBride, 63, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Sha Na Na), natural causes. [72].
7/24/2010 = G. Alexander Heard, 92,  Chancellor of Vanderbilt University (1963–1982), presidential advisor under Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard Nixon.
7/26/2010 = Clayton Hill, 78, American actor in “Dawn of the Dead” and “Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth”, complications from pneumonia.
7/28/2010 = Jim Johnson, 68, American football coach (Philadelphia Eagles), melanoma
7/28/2010 = Reverend “Ike”, 74, American evangelist, stroke.
7/29/2010 = Steven Miessner, 48, American Academy Awards administrator, nick-named the “Keeper of the Oscars”, heart attack.

8/1/2010, Naomi Sims, 61, American model and author, first African-American super-model, breast cancer
8/1/2010 = George Taylor Morris, 62, American radio personality, throat cancer.
8/2/2010 = Michael A. Wiener, 71, American radio mogul (Infinity Broadcasting) and philanthropist, cancer.
8/2/2010 = Shafiq al-Hout, 77, Palestinian politician, co-founder of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), cancer.
8/6/2010 = John Hughes, 59, American film director, screenwriter, and producer (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, “The Breakfast Club”, “Sixteen Candles”, “National Lampoon’s European Vacation”, “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”, “She’s Having A Baby”, “Uncle Buck”, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, “Home Alone”, “Curly Sue”, “Beethoven”, “Home Alone 2: Lost In New York”, “Dennis the Menace”, “Baby’s Day Out”, “Miracle on 34th Street”, “101 Dalmatians”, “Flubber”, and “Home Alone 3”), heart attack.
8/7/2010 = Anne Wexler, 79, Advisor under President Jimmy Carter, breast cancer. [239]
8/10/2010 = Merlyn Mantle, 77, American author, widow of Mickey Mantle, Alzheimer’s disease
8/11/2010 = Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 88, American activist, founder of the Special Olympics, sister of President John F. Kennedy.
8/14/2010 = Philip Saltzman, 80, Mexican-born American television writer and producer (“Columbo” and “Barnaby Jones”), natural causes.
8/14/2010 = Ted Kennedy, 83, Canadian hockey player (Toronto Maple Leafs), heart failure.
8/15/2010 = Louis Rosen, 91, American nuclear physicist (Manhattan Project), inventor of the atom-smasher, subdural hematoma.
8/15/2010 = Jasmine Fiore, 28, American “Playboy” model, strangled
8/15/2010 = Virginia Davis, 90, American child actress

8/16/2010 = Richard Moore, 83, American cinematographer, co-founder of Panavision (camera which could simultaneously record both audio and video).
8/18/2010 = Robert Novak, 78, American conservative author and pundit, brain cancer
8/18/2010 = Kim Dae-jung, 83, South Korean President (1998–2003), Nobel Peace Prize recipient, heart failure.
8/18/2010 = Rose Friedman, 97, Ukrainian-born American economist, widow of Milton Friedman whom received the Medal Of Freedom under President George W. Bush.
8/19/2010 – Don Hewitt, 86, American television producer, creator of “60 Minutes”, pancreatic cancer.
8/21/2010 = Johnny Carter, was an American doo-wop and R&B singer. He was a founding member of The Flamingos and a member of The Dells. Both groups have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, making Carter one of the few multiple inductees.  He joined The Dells as a replacement for Johnny Funches in 1960 and remained an active member of the group until his death.
8/22/2010 = Beryl Wayne Sprinkel, was a member of the Executive Office of the President and chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) during President Ronald Reagan’s administration.
8/25/2010 = Ted Kennedy, 77, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (1962–2009), brain cancer.
8/26/2010 = Eleanor Louise “Ellie” Greenwich, was an American pop music singer, songwriter, and record producer. She wrote or co-wrote “Be My Baby”, “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”, “Da Doo Ron Ron”, “Leader of the Pack”, “Do Wah Diddy Diddy”, and “River Deep, Mountain High”, among many others. She discovered Neil Diamond and sang backing vocals on several of Diamond’s hit songs.
8/27/2010 = Alex Grass, 82, American businessman, founder of Rite Aid drugstores, lung cancer
8/30/2010 = Nancy Talbot, 89, American businesswoman, co-founder of Talbots retail stores, Alzheimer’s disease.
8/31/2010 = Jack Manning, 93, American film, stage and television actor.

9/1/2009 = Wycliffe Johnson, 47, Jamaican Reggae musician & composer, heart failure.
9/2/2009 = Robert J. Spinrad, was an American computer designer, who was on the staff of Brookhaven National Laboratory and who created many of the key technologies used in modern personal computers while director of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.
9/4/2009 = Carl Reindel, 74, American actor.
9/4/2009 = Skip Miller, 62, American music industry executive, president of Motown Records, heart-attack.
9/4/2009 = Franz Olah, 99, Austrian Interior Minister (1963–1964).
9/7/2009 = Frank Coghlan, Jr., 93, American silent-movie actor.
9/9/2009 = Sultan Munadi, 32, Afghan journalist, translator,& correspondent (New York Times), shot.
9/10/2009 = Frank Batten, 82, American businessman, founder of The Weather Channel, after long illness.
9/11/2009 = Bob Greenberg, During his 50-year career as a record executive Greenberg worked with several companies including Warner Brothers, Atlantic Records, Mirage Records and United Artists Records. He worked with several successful artists including The Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Whitesnake.
9/11/2009 = Larry Gelbart, 81, American comedy writer (M*A*S*H) & blogger (Huffington Post), also wrote for Mel Tolkin, Michael Stewart, Selma Diamond, Neil Simon, Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, & (on 2 Caesar specials) Woody Allen.  He died from cancer.
9/11/2009 = Jim Carroll, 60, American author “Basketball Diaries”, poet, & musician.  Heart-attack.
9/12/2009 = William Hoffman, 84, American novelist.
9/12/2009 = George Eckstein, 81, American television writer (“Gun-Smoke”) & producer (“The Fugitive”), lung cancer.
9/12/2009 = Thabet bin Laden, 49, Saudi businessman & patriarch, brother of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden
9/13/2009 = Arnold Laven, 87, American film and television director (“The Rifleman” & “The Big Valley”), pneumonia.
9/13/2009 = Paul Burke, 83, American actor (“Naked City”), among others, leukemia.
9/14/2009 = Patrick Swayze, 57, American actor (“Dirty Dancing”, “Ghost”, & “The Outsiders”), pancreatic cancer. [177]
9/14/2009 = Henry Gibson, 73, American actor (“Laugh-In”, “The Blues Brothers”, “Innerspace”, “Boston Legal”, “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”, “Never Die Alone”, “Wedding Crashers” ), cancer.
9/14/2009 = Jody Powell, 65, White House Press Secretary under President Jimmy Carter, heart attack.
9/16/2009 = Mary Travers, 72, American singer (Peter, Paul, & Mary), leukemia
9/16/2009 = Julian Niemczyk, 89, American Ambassador to Czechoslovakia (1986–1989), cardiac arrest.
9/16/2009 = Johnny Mullins, 86, American song-writer (Hall Of Fame), Alzheimer’s disease.
9/16/2009 = W. Horace Carter, 88, American newspaper publisher, 1953 Pulitzer Prize winner, heart-attack.
9/16/2009 = Myles Brand, 67, NCAA president at the time of his death, pancreatic cancer.
9/20/2009 = John Hart, 91, American actor “The Lone Ranger”.
9/25/2009 = Clifton Maloney, 71, American businessman, husband of U.S. Representative Carolyn B. Maloney, mountaineering accident.
9/27/2009 = William Lewis Safire, was an American author, columnist, journalist, and presidential speech-writer (under President Richard Nixon).
9/27/2009 = Donald Fisher, 81, American businessman, founder of The Gap, cancer.

10/2/2009 = John “Mr. Magic” Rivas, 53, American radio personality (first Hip-Hop program on a major radio network, did this for many many years), heart-attack.
10/22/2009 = Soupy Sales, 83, American comedian and television host, cancer.
10/26/2009 = Troy Smith, 87, American businessman, founder of Sonic Drive-In chain, natural causes.

Then, there was a very sharp drop-off in the deaths of notable persons of the caliber which many would recognize.  This Thunder rumbled loudly and then like instantaneously died-off.  There were also so very many NFL, MLB, NBA, and Olympians whom died in June, July, August, and September, and began dying-off more in October.  There was even a sharp increase in the numbers of super-centenarians dying.  The numbers of governmantal officials were seen dying within this period of time, including so many Representatives, Senators, and Judges.  Even if you just only count the mega-stars, such as like Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Gale StormBilly MaysFred Travalena, Karl Malden, Robert Louis-Dreyfus (because of Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Allen Klein, Drake Levin, Robert McNamara, Judi Ann Mason, Mark Mandala, Dallas McKennon, Walter Kronkite, Steven Rothenberg, E. Lynn Harris, Danny McBride, Jim Johnson, Reverend “Ike”, Steven Meissner, Naomi Sims, John Hughes, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy, Jasmine Fiore, Virginia Davis, Robert Novak, Kim Dea-jung (South Korean President), Don Hewitt, Johnny Carter, Eleanor Louise “Ellie” Greenwich, Jack Manning, Wycliff Johnson, Skip Miller, Bob Greenberg, Larry Gelbart, George Eckstein, Thabet bin Laden, Patrick Swayze, Henry Gibson, Jody Powell, Mary Travers (Peter, Paul & Mary), Johnny Mullins, Myles Brand, John Hart, John “Mr. Magic” Rivas, Soupy Sales.  Even with just only those bigger celebrities above, this is still such a very loud rumbling for all of those to be dying within 3 months.  I mean, even those deaths from the time-span from between 2004 – 2007 are very many for big-time celebrities to be dying, especially since they were incredibly famous celebrities: Christopoher Reeve, John Ritter, Pope John Paul II, Johnny Carson, Peter Jennings, Mister Rogers, Steve Irwin (The Crocadile Hunter), Tony Snow (White House Press Secretary under George W. Bush), Stephanie Tubbs Jones.  This many greats dying within like 3 years is already staggering enough.  This very short July – September 2009 time-span for this many well-known persons dying most certainly seemed like a major pronouncement of this 5th Thunder.  Also, the numbers of founders of major companies dying is also kinda intriguing, with he founders of Park Place Productions & producer of John Madden Football, Sonic Drive-In, The Gap, The Weather Channell, Talbots, Rite Aid Drug-Stores, Panavision, Special Olympics, Georgia Aquarium, all within this time=span of just only 3 months.

Even one of the other Phases of this 5th Thunder have been seen, the deaths from plagues.  The nation of Ukraine was having this mysterious disease killing tens of thousands very quickly, and it was said to be a bout of bubonic plague, and there was 1 or 2 other nations this was occuring but I just forget what they are at this moment in time.  I know that the H1N1 Swine-Flu ended with a dud, but it did indeed begin with staggering numbers, a rapid increase in the rate of infection, when normally this rise is much more gradual than this was.  Perhaps the other remaining phase of this 5th Thunder will become manifested before the 2nd Trumpet blast blows, but even if this doesn’t occur, it could just be because this is only a phase of this 5th Thunder, not the whole Thunder, and phases can be consecutive, and not simultaneous.

So anyhow, let me know what you’re feeling regarding the above Thunderings, are those all just coincidental, or do they hold merit to them since it’s happening at THIS period of history, and not 10 years ago, or 20 years ago, or 30 years ago ?  I mean, we just got finished with the worst Winter Season in like 70 – 90 years in much of this World, and some were the all-time worst in their recorded history, but yet now we are already seeing record-setting High temperatures, whereby New York City hit 93°F in early-April, and various parts of Georgia hit record Highs topping 87° in early-April.  Now, just this past week, Georgia has already seen near-record pollen-count levels of 6,000 in early-April, and normally those figures don’t come until weeks later, and those figures are nearly records also anyhow.  The Pollen got so bad that it was a big story on NBC Nightly News, whch is rare because normally they don’t have stories like this unless it’s bad like all over this nation.  Levels of 120+ are already considered to be “Extremely High”,

During the period from between 2001 – 2010, we have seen a myriad of records being set every year, from both Low temperatures and High temperatures.  Also record flooding in various part of the nation and of this World, whereby places like Texas would be having tremendous droughts one year, and then record flooding during the very next year, and this has been occuring all over the place.


“Weinland Witnessing” Blogging

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Hi everybody, I decided to create my very own blogg so that I can fully moderate things.  I think that Citizen X does s good job on his blogg, but there are some comment-postings that I would like to be able to approve and would like to be more lenient.  But however, don’t get me wrong though, I still do not want to see foul language, nothing but sarcasm (a lil’ bit of it can be tolerated though), hate-filled comments toward anybody including Mr. Weinland & Mr. Armstrong.  I am certainly not advocating that you must believe what I believe, but I just ask that you keep your comments as respectfull as is possible.  This blogg is only for people whom share a belief in God, in Jesus Christ, and in the Bible, because if you do not at least have those beliefs, then there is no maner of being objective in your responses because most atheists or agnostics would just discount much of the Bible anyhow since they don’t even believe in it in the very first place.  Once yet again, you don’t have to believe in what I believe, but we at the very least need to share the belief that the Bible is the infallible Word Of God.

Most people already know this, but I believe that Mr. Ronald Weinland is one of God’s 2 prophets and 2 witnesses for this End-Time period that I believe we are in right now.  Mr. Weinland wrote his first book, “The Prophesied End-Time” which is published in June 2004, and then his second and last book, “2008 – God’s Final Witness” was published in November 2006.  The original time-frame for the 2nd Trumpet of the 7th Seal of the book of Revelation to be blown came and went, although even before that timing had finished passing, Mr. Weinland gave some sermons stating that he had been given powerfull revelation that his web-site calls the “50th Truth”, which can be read at http://www.cog-pkg.org/publications/50truths.aspx  or heard sermons regarding this truth at http://www.cog-pkg.org/audio/download/08/2008-06-28_50th_truth.mp3  and it’s also important to listen to his sermon from the Sabbath before this sermon at http://www.cog-pkg.org/audio/download/08/2008-06-21_Following_God.mp3

There are many persons in the World whom still believe that Mr. Weinland could be God’s prophet because many of them feel that God was using this period period of time to humble God’s people by correcting what they had believed to be true in the past regarding the timing for the returning of Jesus Christ (believing in the past to be on the Feast Of Trumpets, but then believing through the revelation of the 50th Truth to be on Pentecost).  Also, there is alot of spiritual warfare being waged and allowing Satan to believe something other than what was true more greatly protected God’s Church, and also served to humble His people through revealed correction.  Even aisde from the interpretation of prophecy, Mr. Weinland’s 2 books go into great depth and detail of God’s purpose and plan for mankind, with ALOT of biblical accounts to provide support for much of those beliefs.  I would recommend reading those 2 books as I believe it contains a great death of truth regarding doctrine and God’s purpose and plan for mankind, regardless of his interpretation of prophecy.  Things like the truth about Heaven and Hell, the Trinity, the holidays of Christmas & Easter, the non-eternal existence of Jesus Christ, and much more, is discussed in Mr. Weinland’s 2 books.

I will be posting a link to Mike (DDTFA)’s blogg-posting that he directed toward me to respond to, and I will be posting my response to this on this blogg so that you can comment on this, but please keep in mind that my blogg (just like Citizen X’s blogg) has different rules than does Mike’s blogg.  Even though Mike does show some restraint in his commenters, I don’t feel that it is enough as anything  goes regarding disrespecting Mr. Weinland is essentially what Mike allows, and that is fine because it is his very own blogg, but Citizen X and I both desire to have a place where both Weinland supporters and un-decideds can come to express their feelings without fearing hostility and bitterness from many of the people whom firmly believe that Mr. Weinland is a false prophet.  Now, I will allow people whom share this latter belief to comment on my blogg, but they must keep their comments respectfull, and if Angel and xHWA are any guides for respectfully disgreeing, please read some of their postings to get the feel for how to respectfully express your beliefs.  I want you to think as objectively as is possible, regardless of whether or not you believe that Mr. Weinland is 100% a false prophet.  Angel and xHWA have been incredibly respectfully in their disagreements with Mr. Weinland, so please follow their character when responding to my postings and to other commenters because I will not allow down-right bitterness to creep into this blogg because there are hundreds of those kinds of bloggs that you can delve into, but this is not this kind of blogg for you.

I love everybody for whom they are and what they have gone through in their lives.  I also expect everybody to be 100% honest on here.  If somebody is an ex member of the Church Of God, I expect them to be fully honest just like everybody else when it comes to giving accounts of happenings within the Worldwide Church Of God under the authority (under Jesus Christ) of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.  If their intent is to discredit Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Weinland, the Worldwide Church Of God, or the Church Of God – PKG with falsehoods or hear-say, then please do not post it, because we need to be thining objectively and not basing our accussations upon what we hear from others because many people wanted to bring those pastors down when they might not have done anything wrong, and unless we were there and actually witnessing those things happening yourself, then please don’t post it as being factually true because it just very well might be false.

I look forward to having good and fruitfull discussions regarding God, even if we just cannot agree with each other.   I will hopefully begin posting something sometime during today or tonight, so stay tuned to this blogging of mine.  Also, we can still post to Citizen X’s “The Weinland Witness” blogg, but I wanted to start fresh with a brand-spankin’-new blogg, but there are still some lingering thoughts that might still want to be commented upon.

Aaron Robinson

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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

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